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Water. Today, my life revolved around water. Biologically speaking, every day revolves around water, but that's very much beside the point. At 6:30 AM, I was eating breakfast when my host father and sister informed me that I would not be having class today. Haha...I started writing this 2 hours ago and got distracted because I decided to learn the Spanish lyrics to the World Cup song. Okay, continuing on...so I didn't have school because "the rain will be very big." I thought this meant there was some kind of storm was coming, but then, I found out, floods were predicted according to my teacher. I looked outside and saw that it was barely raining. A few hours later, when it stopped raining entirely rather than getting worse, I came to the comical but likely conclusion that the teachers had exhausted their lesson plans, and banana split an excuse to not teach us today. It was pretty lame, but I wasn't complaining. Except I was a little bummed out because I found this whole thing out AFTER I woke up at 5:20. Joyous. I got a lot of reading done today though. I think I'm going to finish 1984 before the end of the weekend. Anyways, my sister took me swimming at an indoor pool with Tian Tian this afternoon. Chinese pools are strange for a number of reasons. First of all, my sister and her friend told me--while we were in the locker room thing changing because apparently people don't just change at home even though I did because I foresaw such an incident, so while they were telling me this, her friend was completely butt naked except Chinese people don't really have butts so really just regular naked, and I was just thinking why is this naked girl talking to me? why isn't she wearing clothing? seriously?--that I needed a swim cap. Haha. Wasn't that an anti-climatic sentence? I told them that I didn't have money. Lie. I did, but my locker was already closed, and I wasn't about to spend money on something I didn't want anyways. So we went swimming, and they told me that I you yong li hai (swim awesomely). That's kind of funny because I'm not really that awesome, but they barely know how to swim, so I can see why they'd think that. I know strokes well, but I can't swim in a straight line very well. But I can't really walk in a straight line. And sometimes I can't drive in a straight line. Maybe I just move crookedly? It's irrelevant. They had a swimming lesson, so I swam in the lap pool for almost an hour. That was exhausting. After we got out of the pool, we walked into the naked person room again, and they were like, "We need to clean ourselves before we leave." And I was like..."No?" "Wei shenme bu?" (why not) "Um, wo bu xu fu?" I'm uncomfortable. I didn't know how else to convey my longing to NOT participate in this public bathing ordeal. So they let me not shower. Mwahaha. Non-nudity FTW (note for parents/grandparents who don't know such acronyms: this mean for the win). I didn't actually bring clothes to change into anyways. And I didn't bring a towel because I assumed the would be provided. WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ASSUME. Your clothes get wet because you were dumb and didn't bring a towel.

see you chicos y chicas en una semana !
he ping!
-liu yi han/sara

Posted by saralovett 14:12

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Buenos dias nieta

Sara I have to tell you about my shower incident in Japan and a bathing one when I was in Vietnam. I can hear my wife just laughing from the family room, I just told her you had a new blog.
Love You

by PaPainTPA

Sara, you are soooo funny and yes I was laughing as I read your blog.

by Painter68

aquí es una broma (Joke)
Jose un Latino volver de vacaciones en los estados unidos y un amigo pregunta
Como los gente lo tartar? Bueno eran muy agradables “nice” yo fue a un basebal game y antes de que el juego comenzó todos los hentas se levanto y pregunto si yo podía ver

by PaPainTPA

Remind me to tell you the stories I've been told about the gym locker room at Mega Fit. As with so many things......TIC

by mlovett

epic. so that is why you were talking about swimming (or rather laughing when you mispronounced the word swimming) on skype. Just kind of as a little aside, im leaving on sunday morning to go on a camping trip / whatever thing at ihduhapi, 12 days camping and the rest is cabin shadowing. isnt it weird to think that you could be a counselor at icogowin right now ?!?!? it is for me. well i have to go im supposed to be righting a paper right now and i dont even have the first page done yet. byee.

by TrevorM

Papa, I want to hear this story about Japan/Vietnam! jajaja @ tu broma. Es muy comica. No se las palabras "tartar" y "hentas," pero yo comprendo tu broma. Jose, can you see? Gracias para tu broma. Yo muy preocupado porque yo no hablo espanol en chine, pero yo tengo que recordo porque yo tengo una clase de espanol en septiembre.

Grammy, glad you're entertained :D when my blog is finished, Papa can tell you muchas bromas en espanol to keep you entertained haha :)

Mom, really? I went swimming there once with Catlin Schalk, and I don't remember being scarred for life.

T-Mart, That sounds like so much fun! And yeah, it's pretty weird that our summer camps are both Y camps. I probably wouldn't have been a counselor this summer though unless I had never moved to China in the first place. I haven't been to Icaghowan since the summer before 9th grade. Lol. have fun with that paper. I feel your pain; I get to experience the joy of writing college essays in only a few week's time.

by saralovett

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