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Who needs blood when you can drink bone marrow?

Last night at dinner, the meat eaters (my family and their friends) were served chicken legs. I would normally be okay with this. But this was not normal. At all. At least not by my (broad, in my opinion) definition of normal. They put on plastic gloves and took out straws, and they sucked the bone marrow out of the chicken. Through. a. straw. I kid you not. If one person had done this, it may have been okay, but it was about eight people all at once, and the cacophony of repulsive slurping made my intestines cringe. It was atrocious. Later, during dinner, the woman seated to my right kept pouring glasses of juice for me (because that's how they do things here--they pour drinks for each other), but my sister was like, BU YONG (not necessary). No, no! She can do it herself. She knows me well :D. I'm actually kind of surprised that she picked up on that aspect of my personality because I was just going to let the lady pour my juice and not say anything. It was cute though--the lady figured out that I like to mix juices (in this cases orange and peach), and she poured in a little of each. But then she tried to pour juice into my water. It was pretty funny actually. I probably would have drunk it too. So...that's a Chinese dinner (or at least part of it). Chi fan! Eat!

This morning, I woke up at 7 on my own (I'm incapable on sleeping in...darn getting up early for school/running). My host mom and ayi (a word for aunt. She is our cook/cleaning lady) taught me how to make jiao zi dumplings. It was really fun, and they were hen hao chi, very delicious. It took a long time though! I'm hoping that I can teach people how to make them once I'm back in the States.

So that was short, but not much has gone down this weekend.

Two weeks left


Posted by saralovett 20:05

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ADIC! Thanks for your blog it made my morning.

by PaPainTPA

ADIC? I don't know what that means...but I'm glad my blog made your morning! I explained Cuban coffee/bread to my American friend, Alexis this evening :D

by saralovett

Daddy and I just watched a show on weird food. It was in Harbin and the people were eating marrow !! It wasn't from chicken, but still...... I was totally disgusted. Daddy said he had seen people eating marrow, but not sucking from a straw. That is how they did it on the show too.

by mlovett

ADIC, another day in china! Wish I was there!
As far as the marrow, m yaunts and uncles did it, but without the straw.

by PaPainTPA

Mom, that's weird timing! I wouldn't have been grossed out if it hadn't been through a straw. It was the slurping noise that got to me.

Papa, clever acronym! And again, the straw is definitely what pushes it over the edge.

by saralovett

oh wow yummm-y! haha. sounds very interesting though. and you should totally teach us how to make Chinese food back here! that would make a fun party....lets hope it goes better than those waffles we made once. Anyways...can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

by Sawn-ja

haha i can try to teach you how to make jiao zi, but you know I am a terrible cook. see you soon!

by saralovett

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