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Today, school was not fun. I didn't run this morning, but the extra hour of sleep was so NOT worth it. I didn't get my morning endorphins, and I also didn't get my total alone time. I love running here because nobody tries to talk to me in any language whatsoever. FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR! I got really annoyed at school. Everyone was on edge, which sucks because yesterday was an awesome day group-bonding-wise. I became extremely annoyed with all the girls today. I can't stand the fact that there are 10 girls and only 1 guy. Girls annoy me even when they are really cool and not dramatic like the ones in my group. I can only take so much togetherness with them, yet the ones in my group are really incredible! It doesn't matter how cool they are though. I don't like being in big groups of girls for long periods of time. I needed major alone time by lunch, so after lunch (during break), I wandered off on my own and listened to music while I texted my friend who is in another city in China. I felt a little bit better in ping pong class because I was running around, but I would have rather just gone on a run because I detest the (sport?) ping pong. After school, I asked my sister if she wanted to come with me to get a massage, and we went to a place about a half an hour away. It was amazing and only 30 kuai!! (About $4)....about a third of the cost in Shanghai!!! The lady who works there wants us to come back every day...I'm so tempted...it's way too far away though, and I'd much rather experience life. Afterwards, I asked her if Harbin has Starbucks. Unless our communication failed (entirely possible), Harbin meiyou Xin Ba Ke; Harbin does not have Starbucks. This is so weird to me. All cities have Starbucks! I don't know why this is such an upsetting fact to me. I don't even like Starbucks coffee much, but I realize it's probably better than anything local. We ended up going to a restaurant/coffee shop. The coffee was pretty bad, but it was black coffee, and I have only had coffee one other time this week and it was extremely weak, so I relished it. I ordered eggplant, and it took a million years to cool down (obv hyperbolic), and then we realized it had meat in it. What. the. heck. We both had asked the waiter, so it wasn't even my communication fail this time. They offered to bring me more, but at that point, I didn't want it because I would have to wait ANOTHER million years until I would not scald myself, so I ordered fruit. They also gave me rice, which pretty hao (good). I also had a bit of some vegetable thing that came with Yitong's food. At the table, there was a fortune telling machine that showed astrological signs. We both put in coins to get our fortunes told!! It was fun. I have my fortune. It basically says the regular predictable horoscope jumbo (you will find love, have new interesting ideas, etc.) Yitong's said she would have bad health, though! I had never heard of a negative horoscope until today. I took a picture of the machine (it's small), but I cannot post it because the power button on my camera is not working. I will send it in to get fixed tomorrow. Yitong and I had really cool conversations (half in English half in Chinese.) Actually, it was mostly in English, but I really had to be creative when explaining things. We talked about school and she wanted to know what kind of math I learn in America. I had to explain calculus, algebra, geometry, and statistics. Stats and calc were especially difficult to explain!!! I now can say all in Chinese XD!!! We taught each other how to say Pythagorean Theorem in our respective languages. Now I know all I need to know..."pythgorean theorem; gou gu ding li" and "dinosaur; kong long." In other words...Gou gu ding li: a^2 + b^2=KONG LONG^2. Sometimes I love Chinese. Especially when I can say random things. I try to be creative with practice sentences at school because they're boring. We were supposed to say to our partners what we do at 5AM...we could say anything, so I said I see dinosaurs (in my dreams, of course)!! It's such a useful word. Oh dear. I just spent 5 sentences ranting about dinosaurs. Anyways, Yitong and I also talked about physics (even though I haven't taken it yet). I actually remembered one of them from 9th grade--the equal and opposite forces one; I believe it's the third law. We had a cool Chinglish conversation about physics. I bet physics would be cooler if half of it were in Chinese. Seriously, Chinglish should be a real language. I could teach it. I would probably add in some Spanish too! I also taught Yitong some slang. She thought that Americans said "I beg your pardon." I told her that the phrase is definitely correct, but we do not use it. I told her that I sometimes say "pardon," but other teenagers don't really. I told her that "I didn't catch that" is probably the most colloquial (didn't use that word of course) way to say "I didn't hear/understand you." I didn't realize we had so many ways to say that. It's way simpler in Chinese. I think the world should take the simplest parts of all languages and merge them! That would be so exciting. Communication is so key in everything--EVERYTHING. For example, the fact that me getting my own room meant Yitong and Mama sharing a bed and Baba (Dad) sleeping on the couch was totally lost on me, so I told Yitong today that I didn't understand that initially, and she was welcome to share with me if she wanted. She and I will share and room and bed. It's going to bother me so much because I majorly need my personal space/room, but it's whatever. I will survive! I have exciting days ahead of me. Tomorrow I will have a field trip to a temple that was converted into a museum during the last half of the school day, and then I will hanging with friends after school. We had set plans, but now it's up in the air. I have to be home at ten, but I don't know what I'm doing yet. On Saturday, I am going to go to a lake with my family and then returning to Harbin (lake is 2 hours away) for my friend, Jessica's, sixteenth birthday party. On Sunday, Yitong and I might return to the massage place and then go see a famous Russian Orthodox church (St. Sophia's) about 30 minutes away from our home. I also promised Yitong that I would teach her how to make cookies--my idea :D I'm so excited for cookies!!! I tried to explain cookie dough...so far "cookie dough" and "mascot" are the only indescribable concepts. Many things are difficult to describe. My Chinese and English communication skills are improving a lot. I told Yitong that I am having trouble with the grammatical structure of the word "ba" (to make/ let), and she deliberately uses it in sentences now. It's so awesome. We had serious sister bonding time today. I enjoyed it! Okay, that was long, and I have emails still, and I MUST get up to run tomorrow. More later, chicas y chicos <=== Not Chinese he he he

P.S. It was raining. Rain siempre puts me in a bad mood. >:(

Posted by saralovett 06:20

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Okayy soo..i can tell this comment is going to be a really long one because your entry was long too (that is a good thing because i love reading about your escapades). I think you should imagine ms. haney in china at random moments :P. I feel bad that your day was bad all i can do is hope that tomorrow (which will probably have passed by the time you read this) is better. BTW, guys can be just as clingy and w/e else as girls can ... (whoa i just had massive dejavu) ... but i guess it would be cool to have more than one guy. I feel kinda bad for him. Ping pong class, epic, odd, but epic. Massages are only $4 bucks ?!?! im definitely going to china. I also thought the negative horoscope is unusual, its probably cuz your staying in her house. youd should try and explain our stats teacher as well and the whole concept behind our theme song. you said your half giving her slang lessons is she doing the same for you? cookie dough... yumm ... what type of cookies are you going to make? oh dear i have used more than half of the "characters" im allowed to use in comments. For mascot just describe it as a symbol of something, of a team, kind of like a seal. For cokie dough, i got nothin, be careful though people in other countries do not always like sweet things like we do. Well have fun on your run tomorrow (crazy just sayin) and i hope the trip to the church was cool. ttyl. Trevor out.

by TrevorM

I love the word escapades. It's probably on my top 10 list of favorite words. Along with "concur," "aforementioned," and other words I can't think of off of the top of my head. I enjoy the word "capricious," but I never use it. WOAH, I will imagine Mrs. Haney at random moments. It will make me laugh when I'm super frustrated. That's so genius. I should photoshop her into pics. That would be great XD!! I'm a creep. Yes, guys can be clingy, but they're not dramatic, which is what I do not like about girls. Plus girls have so many hormones and complex emotions...which is cool for about ten minutes...and then it's obnoxious. LOL don't feel bad for Jordan. He's the only guy with ten girls. He's not complaining. Plus, he's a celebrity with local teen girls. They literally walk up to him, touch his arm, then scream and run away. He gave out his # to a few local schoolgirls today. It was really weird but also funny. DUDE, YES--go to China...good, cheap massages. Woah, I'm speaking broken COLLOQUIAL English. How backwards is that?! I will possibly try to explain Haney and the squirrel song, but then I would have to explain "random," "superman," and indiana jones" can anyone say lost in translation?!?! I think we will make sugar cookies because chocolate chip are rare and expensive. Well, I meant I'm have talking in Chinese. She's teaching me Chinese, but not necessarily slang. I like to think that my speech is relatively colloquial since i learned most of it from living in China. I did eventually describe it as a symbol. I used a thesaurus because my mind was in a rut. GAH, I hate cliches! Yes, I know, I asked her if she likes sweets and she said yes enthusiastically--a real yes, not just a polite one. LOVETT OUT woahh.. it's really only okay when ryan seacrest says it.

by saralovett

Love your rambling epic and the discourse between you and Trevor. I too love words, especially unique words that just fit a certain thought or idea. As an only child, it is even more difficult for you to share your personal space and thinking space with others. I can't imagine sharing a bed with a girl you don't know. I did get that right didn't I? You come from a long line of people who like their own space and alone time. Papa is the only person I know who seems happy with a constant cast of thousands. I love having company, but I am happy to have alone time. What an amazing adventure you are having only to be appreciated when you are back and realize all you have experienced. Understanding all people have the same feelings and needs brings such willingness to welcome all ideas and cultures into your world.

by Painter68

Escapades is a pretty ballin word, i agree. Not in my top ten though. That reminds me my dad said the word "circumvent" and that is definately in one of the top ten words i hate. Along with, irony, metastasize, rejuvenate, and scrape... hehe i cant wait to see the photoshopped "Haney in Harbin" photos :]]. You would also be surprised at how dramatic they can be, they always like to be right and are more self centered than girls (usually), they just just self centered in a different way. With girls, they do it just because it helps them and they dont care that other people feel bad, guys just dont realize what they are doing is wrong, idk having to spend three weeks with only guys i guess makes me more cautious about them now. I want to be a celebrity with local girls :D. I definately pick china. lol jk, they would probobly all be afraid of my 6' 2" million pound self haha. Plus the cheap massages woot woot party in harbin. Sara stop being lazy, bust out the google machine and show her who superman indiana jones are. Im sure that there is a word for random in mandrin, or am i wrong? (which i could be because i speak absolutely 0 mandrin). You must fer sure tell me how the cookie project goes. I wasnt meaning to be rude or use cliches when i was saying ask about the sweetness i just wasnt sure, sorry and tell your host sister, Yitong i think it was, that i am sorry as well if i offended her. Haha on the seacrest thing, i am the debate team captain as you know and i was given the nickname T$ (tea-money) by the last captain and at the end of each email or whatever between us we would always end it with "-(insert name) out.", so sometimes i still and my stuff that way haha. Sorry about the space issue your having, i guess i amused to that, this past summer 6 of us had to fit in a four person tent because we forgot a rainfly. haha wonderfull ill have to tell you all about that trip sometime. Lots of interesting stories to tell haha. Well i guess i used all the characters.

by TrevorM

Grammy, yes you're right on all accounts! It is hard for me to share space because I am an only child, but I will learn a lot from it.

Trevor, Ew, circumvent is a gross word. It sounds a lot like circumcise. I like the word rejuvenate though. I like the word irony, but it is rarely used correctly. Lol I doubt that I'll really photoshop cuz I suck at it. Haha, I don't think they would be afraid of you here because you're like a big teddy bear type person, but you would stand out for sure. Haha, it's fine (re:cookies). I had already asked her before you even brought it up. GOOGLE WORKS HERE btw. Idk why people say it doesn't...? I'm sure there is a word for random. Debate sounds so fun. I really want to join next year, but it probs won't happen. & I do want to here about this trip you went on!!

by saralovett

SARA!!! Bahahahahah. i love this entry. it made me laugh and sigh and I can actually hear your voice saying it. It sounds like you are adapting well though, despite some hard things that come up. I'm going to keep updated :)

by Sawn-ja

Teddybear is chill with me lol. I know google works there, i was just telling you to show her on google. People probobly just say it doesnt because others will believe them and think that china's government is evil because of it (like banning google would be the end of the world anyway lol) Debate is super duper uber fun, and it looks good for colleges and lots of other stuff. Im doing a total of 4 weeks debating at UCLA and other camps (holy wow that a long time) and yeah. Join plz :]. I would tell you all about this trip in this verry comment but three things stop me:

1. Totally not appropriate for this blog for 2 reasons
a. not exactly stranger friendly
b. people will spend more time reading the comments than your actual blog lol (jk)

2. There is just not enough space in these comment boxes, it is one of those things that would be funier if i told you in person, mabey before the gaga concert? :]

3. Google doesn't work in china.

So yeah. :] peace.

by TrevorM

Sonja, awh thanks! lol i don't feel like i'm adpating well, but I'm glad I at least put on a successful facade haha :)

Trevor, this is me not saying anything about the Chinese government. Enough said. Debate won't matter for college apps cuz I'll be done with those before the season's over.
Google does too work in China! lol

by saralovett

Haha :P. i was saying that the people who claim that google doesnt work are just idiots trying to make china look bad and i was making a joke about their intelligence because im sure our lives would go on without google anyway. anddd.. well debate is good for scholor ships and research and paper writing and whatnot as well. Jw what do you want to go to college for, as in what do you want to get a degree in?

by TrevorM

Actually it is blocked for some people, but for some reason I can get on it. I want to double major in international relations and journalism. I also want to study Chinese and Spanish. Hbu? Poli sci, right?

by saralovett

Probably, might go economics or some other social science though. IR would be cool, i have to learn about a lot of IR policy and theory for debate.

by TrevorM

Sounds fun :D I should know more about IR policy. I used to be a big CNN junkie :D idk what happened :p...but I travel, so I do learn a lot.

by saralovett

haha i have a rediculous amount of info on IR stuff. Most is on IR theory not the actual policies that countries have (because counties change there views all the time due to time, leaders, etc). You need to join debate !!!! lol

by TrevorM

You should educate me! AHHH I really want to join debate!!! How time consuming is it?

by saralovett

I will when i get home from camp lol. it can be as time consuming as you want, it just depends if you want to win or not lol.

by TrevorM

Well, I like winning. haha...I don't have a lot of free time though.

by saralovett

In the fall, would you find time to meet with me (because you have CC so i know you wont be able to meet at practice) like 1 hour a week? That would be all you need for practice and the rest of it you would do at home but i dont think it takes that long. We give you appx 3 weeks to write a total of 7 pages (aff=4 pages, neg=3 pages) so it isnt that bad. I think you will be able to fit it in, my freshman year i did football and debate at the same time.

by TrevorM

ok, I'll talk to my parents and see because I know I can make that work, and it's my senior year, so I think they will be reasonable and let me. How time consuming are the actual competitions?

by saralovett

I mean we have "tournaments" that are on saturday mornings from appx 7am (get to the school at seven) till mid afternoon or dinner (appx 3-7pm). They are every weekend from the start of the season (middle september) through the end (probobly mid december for you) obviously no tournys on holidays (except sometimes holloween?). Most people dont go to all the tournys though, i probobly miss 3 a year it is all based on what you want to do. the team wont make you go to any tournoments. our coach is really lenient in that you can come to as many practices and even one or two tournies before joining, so you dont have to make any sort of commitment. It is a really benificial activity espicially if you want to go into the field that you are in. Plus im pretty good for just ending my second year of it. I am really good at showing people what is important because alot of your first year is just figuring out how to win and have clash and that jazz nd i think im pretty good at explaining it. idk. im rambling now. haha. still interested? maybe?

by TrevorM

That sounds great...and I have almost convinced my mom. I really do want to join!

by saralovett

woot woot. I'll probobly have a meeting or two the week before school starts to give you the low down so you have to do less working durring the school season. Here are some things we might debate this season:

Resolved: When forced to choose, a just government ought to prioritize universal human rights over its national interest.

Resolved: The abuse of illegal drugs ought to be treated as a matter of public health, not of criminal justice.

Resolved: In political campaigns within the United States, corporations ought to be afforded the same First Amendment free speech protections as individuals.

Resolved: The United States is justified in using private military firms abroad to pursue its military objectives.

Resolved: On balance, internet neutrality is desirable.

Resolved: Progressive income taxes are just.

Resolved: Justice requires the recognition of animal rights.

Resolved: In the United States, juveniles charged with violent felonies ought to be treated as adults in the criminal justice system.

Resolved: The constitutions of democratic governments ought to include procedures for secession.

Resolved: Secular ethics ought to be prioritized over religious ethics in the legislative process.

So yeah. You really should join i probobly havent said this before (<-- sarcasism) but i will be captain next year and we will have a ballin time.

by TrevorM

thanks for the extensive topic list :) Lol, can you email this to me??

by saralovett

fer sure, gimmie a couple of days and ill write a few cases (something you stand up and read in your first speech) for the first topic so you get an idea (kinda) of what debate is about.

by TrevorM

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